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    worship, inspiration, thoughts

    Heavens glory to earths pain, love's closeness to cross death loneliness Bright fullness of spirit to greyness and questions, Complexity surrounded Simplicity discovered.......
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    hope, jesus, worship, inspiration

    My life has a dream, snatches seen through grime. hope's beginning......
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    lonely, feelings, cross, Easter, death

    An absence of something a place of nothing lonely space the eyes focus point the hearts waiting beat. Holes the bullets trace death's moment an absence of life......
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    Thin Darkness

    inspiration, nature, thinking, worship

    Watching ocean currents and a tide washing my heart bleached to the shore, in the tight black night, Standing silent, leaning to the whisper of waves stroking the beach.....
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    justice, gossip, life, challenge

    Killed in a moments inaction, slow response to hurt inflicted.. the bully unchallenged the weak who we pass by......
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    Milk Split

    maturity, birth,

    Exciting New birth closeness to breast, milk sustaining, love relationship of touch, tender words Feeding on the tone of voice, words, the hugs......
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    friends, crowds, crossroads, decisions

    I saw you a shadow part of the crowd, You’ve come again to hear the words, feel friendship, something more.....
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    disasters, coping, hope, questions

    Shattered, Numb holes In our soul's fragments, Pain etched across Faces, TV Replays of scenes in mixed media, in minds, in conversations. Swirling emotions Holding pain Sharing pain, Questions With no answers........
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    In the Son

    inspiration, freedom, worship, hope

    I stand half dark, half in sun person pieces death on one side, life the other Barbed wire snared trapped indecision caught in events indifferent yet aware caught yet sensing freedom.....
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    What is Hope?

    hope, positive, love, care

    In darkness the anticipation of light, the dream of the soul awake In pain a hug, longer, deeper without false words.....